Drivers Use Their Phones

It's not an exaggeration to say that looking down at your phone while operating a vehicle even for just a few seconds can be deadly. Most of us know this. But, according to a new study, most of us do it anyway."Every day, that's the equivalent of people behind the wheel talking or texting on 5.6-million car rides from our sample alone," Zendrive wrote in a blog post. "When extrapolated for the entire U.S. driving population.

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Super Cruise

The feature, available first on the Cadillac CT6, will allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel and let the car steer itself.

Tesla Model 3 Sneak

Tesla unveiled its latest electric car, the Model 3, almost a year ago, but Elon Musk on Friday provided a peek.

Netflix Service Cadillacs

If you dream of owning a stable of automobiles but your budget doesn’t really lend itself to the lifestyles.

Faraday Future Car Maker

The company wants to build a supercar's supercar, but it apparently is unable to pay its bills for lavish expenditures.

  • Ford Gets Out of CES

    To get a sense of what these developments mean for the brand, and how Ford looks for and integrates ideas, I spoke with Ken Washington, Ford's vice president of research and advanced engineering at the company's CES booth.Ford knows this, which is why the more than a century old company considers itself a "mobility company."

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Most Innovative and Eye Catching Cars

The fact that cars are a huge part of CES every year isn't news. As PC vendors move off the show floor, auto makers move in. In many cases, the vehicles are concepts that won't reach your local showrooms, but they are a perfect indication of what is technologically possible.

Honda Autonomous Ride Shares

The NeuV also has a bunch of cool artificial intelligence features: it can detect the emotions behind your driving choices, then make new recommendations based on your past decisions. It can also check on how you're feeling; if it senses that you're blue it may suggest upbeat music.

Human Driving Autonomous Uber Car

Uber Technologies Inc. rolled out its self-driving car fleet in its hometown of San Francisco on Wednesday, but faced a backlash from state regulators who say the company needs a permit to keep the vehicles on the road.he California Department of Motor Vehicles sent a letter to Uber on Wednesday.

Why I Refuse to Own a Car

This Entrepreneur contributor figures he saves 8.2 hours a week not owning a car. That's 426 more hours per year he can work on his business.I do not own this Ferrari. In fact, I don’t own a car at all.So, here's the connection: I used to fly in to the San Diego airport when I was returning from business trips.